Bollywood Kissa Raj Babbar Divorced His First Wife And Married Smita Patil And Had An Affair With Rekha

Raj Babbar-Rekha Affair: Raj Babbar, who has been a veteran Bollywood actor, is shining his luck in politics away from the industry these days. During his film career, the actor has been in a lot of headlines not only for his films but also for his personal life. Today we are introducing you to that aspect of his life. Which you have probably never heard before..

Got divorced from his wife and married Smita
Raj Babbar has given many superhit and memorable films to Hindi cinema in his long career. His pairing with the beautiful actress Smita Patil is most liked by the fans. While working together, Raj Babbar also fell in love with Smita’s beauty and gave her his heart. But Raj’s first marriage became an obstacle in their love. Due to this, both of them remained in live-in for a long time, then the actor divorced his wife and married Smita Patil.

Rekha became a support after Smita’s death
But the love story of both could not be completed even after marriage. According to the news, Smita Patil said goodbye to the world while giving birth to her first child. Raj Babbar was completely shattered by Smita’s death. In such a situation, actress Rekha became the support in his life who gave Raj a new hope to live. Raj Babbar spoke openly to IBTimes about his affair with Rekha.

Raj Babbar was shocked by Smita’s death
The actor had said, ‘Yes this relationship has helped me a lot. At the same time, he also said that their relationship was not very deep, but it was more than friendship. While talking about Smita, in an interview given to The Times of India, Raj Babbar had said, ‘I was shocked by her death. But I did not lose courage and put my heart into my work. However, it took a long time for my wounds to heal. ,

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