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Sunny Deol Pooja Deol: Sometimes he was seen showing his hand weighing two and a half kilos and sometimes he uprooted the hand pump. Surely we are referring to Sunny Deol, but today our news is about his wife. Many people know about Sunny Deol’s affairs, but do you know what is his wife’s name? Where does she live and what does she do? If not, then let us introduce you to the answers to all the questions…

Suddenly the news of Sunny’s marriage came to the fore.

Sunny Deol made his Bollywood debut during the year 1983 with the film Betaab, which catapulted him to the heights of fame. However, the very next year he surprised everyone with a news. The news was that Sunny Deol has secretly married Pooja Deol. However, Sunny continued to deny this relationship and marriage with Pooja Deol, who lives in London, due to which there was a knot in this bond. It is said that even after marriage, Pooja stayed in London. On the other hand, Deol never paid attention to this issue and kept hiding the matter of Sunny’s marriage. During 1990, Sunny and Pooja had their first child, who was named Karan Deol. At the same time, after some time, another son Rajveer Singh Deol entered his house, after which his family became complete. However, even after almost 40 years have passed, no one knows much about Pooja Deol.

Who is Pooja Deol?

The real name of Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja is Linda Deol. He was born on 21 September 1957 in the house of Krishnan Dev Mahal of Indian origin living in London. Please tell that Pooja’s mother June Sarah Mahal was British, who belonged to the British Royal Family. After marrying Sunny Deol, Linda changed her name to Pooja. During that time the pictures of the wedding had gone viral, but Sunny Deol refused to marry, calling them false. It is also claimed in media reports that Sunny and Pooja are childhood friends.

Pooja has also stepped into the film world

Please tell that Pooja Deol is a writer. He wrote the story of Sunny Deol’s film Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. Apart from this, she has also tried her hand in the acting world. He gave a guest appearance in the film Himmat during the year 1966. However, Pooja always kept distance from the media. It is claimed in many reports that due to alleged affair with Amrita Singh and Dimple Kapadia, Sunny Deol always denied the news of marriage with Pooja Deol.

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