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Bruce Lee Unknown Facts: Born on 27 November 1940 in San Francisco, Bruce Lee is still not dependent on any identity. His fame is such that if someone is considered an expert in martial arts, then he is compared to Bruce Lee only. However, this great warrior of martial arts said goodbye to this world on 20 July 1972 in just 32 years. In Death Anniversary Special, we are introducing you to a few pages of Bruce Lee’s life.

Bruce Lee’s career was like this

Please tell that Bruce Lee started his career at a very young age. By the time he was 18, he had acted in 20 films. He worked with many martial artists in his films, who later became huge stars. Jackie Chan, Samo Hung, Chunk Norris and Yuen Biao were included in this list. Please tell that Bruce Lee Gama was a big fan of wrestler and boxer Muhammad Ali. He also wanted to fight a fight with Muhammad Ali. Bruce Lee did only seven Hollywood films in his career, three of which were released after his death.

People used to be surprised to see the agility

At the age of 18, he enrolled in Washington University and started teaching kung fu to people to pay the fees. During 1962, Bruce Lee fought a fight, in which he killed 15 punches to his opponent in just 11 seconds. Apart from this, he used to do push ups with two fingers. Apart from this, the speed of his kick was so fast that during the shooting one shot had to slow down 34 frames.

Mystery still remains about death

It is said that Bruce Lee hated water and could not even swim. It is also claimed that water was also the reason for his death. It has been claimed in a report that Bruce Lee drank too much water, due to which he died. This claim was made in the Clinical Kidney Journal, in which the cause of Bruce Lee’s death was attributed to a disease called hyponatremia. At the same time, in another report it was claimed that Bruce Lee died due to the consumption of headache pills. It is said that the medicine reacted, due to which the size of his brain had increased by 13%.

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