Burning Truck: The truck kept burning in the middle of the railway track, the passengers of Jan Shatabdi and Ahmedabad Express kept waiting for the train to run overnight…

Ravi Goyal, Sakti. A big accident happened last night at Baradwar Sakreli gate. The truck crossing the railway crossing caught fire after coming in contact with the OHE wire. The truck parked in the middle of the track kept burning in flames throughout the night. Other trains running on the Mumbai-Kolkata rail route, including Jan Shatabdi and Ahmedabad Express, remained standing at their respective places throughout the night till the truck was removed from the track in the morning.

The incident is being told about 11 o’clock on Friday night. While crossing the Baradwar Sakreli gate, the truck caught fire after coming in contact with the OHE wire. As soon as the truck caught fire, the driver and helper managed to save their lives by jumping, but the truck parked on the main line kept burning throughout the night. Meanwhile, Janshatabdi Express going to Raigarh from Bilaspur side and on the other hand the express train going to Ahmedabad was held up at Champa railway station for hours.

The fire in the truck subsided till early morning, after which the truck was removed from the line with the help of JCB. After the rail line was cleared, the trains standing at the stations were sent to the destination. Due to this accident, there was a long queue of vehicles on National Highway 43 as well. After waiting overnight, the movement of vehicles started on the road.

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