Careless employees should be careful: Dr. Shivhare took over as Divisional Joint Director, said – Administrative tightening is the first priority

Satyapal Rajput, Raipur. Dr. Yogesh Shivhare took charge as Divisional Joint Director Raipur. He said, careless employees should be careful about their work. Administrative rigor is the primary responsibility. There will be no scope for negligence in education. There will be every effort for quality in education.

Dr. Yogesh Shivhare said that first work will be done regarding academic change. Along with this, action will be taken according to the rules regarding the teachers who have aspirations regarding their seniority and promotion. The primary task will be to bring academic change in Raipur division. All teachers are expected to fulfill their responsibilities well. Finish all your responsibilities on time.

Dr. Shivhare said, there will be no compromise in the quality of education in the schools of Raipur division. We hope that all the teachers will give quality education to the students in the schools.

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