Case of dispute in Congress office: show cause notice to 3 leaders including former president, will have to answer in 3 days

Imran Khan, Khandwa. Congress leaders clashed with each other during a meeting at the district office (Gandhi Bhawan) in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. In this case, the party has issued show cause notices to three leaders. Notices have been served to former City Congress President Mohan Dhakse, Youth Congress District General Secretary Munnu Babu and Shailesh Rathore. There was a dispute during the meeting at Gandhi Bhavan on 18th June. During this, there was also a scuffle between Munnu Babu and Shailesh Rathore.

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In fact, on June 18, Madhya Pradesh Congress in-charge Sanjay Dutt was having a one-to-one discussion with the workers in a closed room to strengthen the organization. Meanwhile, there was a dispute between Munnu Babuji and Shailesh Rathore of Pandhana over some issue. The dispute increased so much that both of them threw chairs at each other. There was fierce fighting between the two leaders.

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The second dispute was of Mohan Dhakse, a supporter of Arun Yadav. During one-to-one discussion with in-charge state secretary Sanjay Dutt, Mohan Dhakse had called Muslim leader Salim Patel as BJP agent. There was a lot of uproar on this matter too. There was fierce tu-tu-main-main between Salim Patel’s son and Mohan Dhakse.

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