Celebration on Action! Unique farewell given to line attached TI by garlanding him with flowers from the police station, watch VIDEO

Hemant Sharma, Indore. A strange case has come to the fore in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh. The line has been attached to MIG TI Ajay Verma. Despite this, the staff of the police station gave him a unique farewell by garlanding him with flowers. The line has been attached to the station in-charge after receiving the order for investigation from PHU. Recently, a constable of MIG police station was dismissed. Now the role of the station in-charge in the case of money transaction is also being investigated.

Station in-charge Ajay Verma is seen in the video, who has been MIG TI. Some time ago, due to the departmental inquiry, DCP Abhishek Anand had attached the line to him after the order of Police Headquarters Bhopal. He was given an emotional farewell by the staff of the police station. This scene expresses the feelings of the officers and employees of the police department in many ways, because the kind of situation that has been prevailing in Madhya Pradesh for some time, it seems that now the staff of the police station is becoming vocal.

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Even though a departmental inquiry is going on against MIG station in-charge Ajay Verma, but even after that, the way the police station staff bid farewell to him by garlanding him, this scene is saying a lot. DCP Abhishek Anand attached the line to station in-charge Ajay Verma late Thursday evening, citing the order and investigation of the police headquarters.

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He told that in order to take effective action against the goon who threatened the businessman, while filing the charge sheet, the officers have attached the line to the TI posted at the MIG police station. There have been allegations of corruption against him several times. The investigation had directly reached the police headquarters Bhopal, due to which the line has been attached to them.

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