Celina Jaitly Opens Up On Losing One Of Her Twin Baby Boy Says It Was Very Difficult

Celina Jaitly On Loss Of Baby Boy: Celina Jaitley married Australian businessman and hotelier Peter Hogg at the peak of her career after earning a name in Bollywood. The actress became a mother of twins in 2012. After which in 2017, Jaitley again gave birth to twins. However, one of their baby boys died due to a heart defect. After which now the actress has expressed grief about it. He told that he has now got the courage to talk about it.

It was a very difficult time for Celina and her husband
Celina Jaitley is the mother of three children. Celina became pregnant twice and gave birth to twins both times. However, for the second time one of his baby boys died due to heart disease. Now the actress has gathered the courage to say this after so many years and told that this time was a very difficult time for her family.

Selena has posted an Instagram. In whose caption he has expressed his pain. The actress wrote, “5 years have passed since this painful event in our lives. What happened after my second pregnancy was very difficult to bear. I had delivery pen only 32 weeks after my father’s death. It was a very difficult time for me and Peter, but after that we were happy. There are millions of tears in this picture. The baby who came as a blessing of God in our life went straight to the incubator in NICU after 3 months.”

All the Feelings Come Together – Selena
Celina further wrote, “There was a strange atmosphere in the NICU. Our experience made us feel that good days and bad days come together. When challenging times come, it surprises and upsets you. At that time, Peter and I went to a hospital in Dubai, because after Shamsher’s death, we were very worried about Arthur and had all kinds of feelings in our mind.”

Parents were motivated
In her note, Celina motivated those parents who are struggling with the grief of losing their child. He further wrote, “It is very important in such times that you can be very effective as a team. So work on teamwork as parents. If you cannot touch someone, then singing is a great way to feel close to your loved ones at that time. Remember that if nothing is possible, miracles are born here. Although there are many sorrows in the world, but people also overcome it.”

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