CG ACCIDENT NEWS: Unknown vehicle hit the bike, MLA arrived as a messiah to help the injured, farmer struggling with life and death

Surendra Jain, Dharsiva. Road accidents keep happening on the day between Raipur to Bilaspur highway. A painful road accident took place on this route yesterday late evening. A speeding unknown vehicle hit the two-wheeler. Two people riding the bike were badly injured in the accident. There was no one to help the injured.

Congress MLA Anita Yogendra Sharma was passing through this route. As soon as he saw the injured, he stopped his car and as soon as he got down from the car, he took the injured to Kharora Hospital. Seeing the serious condition, both were referred to Raipur for treatment after first aid. Out of which the condition of financially troubled farmer Visambhar Verma is critical, his one leg has also been amputated. This accident happened near Maanth village near Kharora.

According to the information, Visambhar Verma along with his partner Raju Mishra had gone on his two-wheeler near Manth to collect wire fencing material for the protection of the crop. Both were coming back from Kharora late in the evening when a speeding vehicle hit them near Manth village. Being seriously injured in this incident, both were fighting for life and death on the roadside. That’s why MLA Anita Sharma reached there becoming the messiah and helped him.

Visambhar, a farmer seriously injured in the accident, is fighting for life and death in the ICU of a private hospital in Raipur. One leg of the farmer has been amputated, his financial condition is not so good that he can spend lakhs of rupees for the treatment. Due to the humanity of the MLA, he reached the hospital on time, but now the financial problem is coming in the way of treatment. For this, the family members of the farmer have demanded financial help from the MLA and the Chief Minister.

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