CG BIG BREAKING: The court gave permission to investigate the Priyadarshini bank scam, the names of many BJP leaders including Raman Singh, Amar Agarwal, Brijmohan were named in the narco test, CM Baghel said – the culprits must be punished

Raipur. The District Court has given permission to investigate the famous Priyadarshini Bank scam case of Chhattisgarh. CM Bhupesh Baghel tweeted that on Tuesday, the District Court has given permission to investigate the Priyadarshini Bank scam of embezzlement of public’s hard earned money. Money has also been given to many other people including bank operators. Corruption must be exposed and the guilty must be punished.

CM Bhupesh Baghel said, Umesh Sinha, one of the main accused in the narco test, had told that he had given crores of rupees to several BJP leaders including the then Chief Minister Raman Singh and his ministers Amar Agarwal, Brijmohan Agarwal and Ramvichar Netam.

Know what is Indira Priyadarshini Bank scam

This scam came to light in 2006 in Raipur-based cooperative bank Indira Priyadarshini Bank. In this scam of about 28 crores, the members of the board of directors including the bank manager, in whom most of the women were involved, were accused. The names of ministers and some officers of the then government were also mentioned in this.

As soon as it came to power, the Congress had sought permission for re-investigation.

According to sources, during the tenure of the previous government, when the police presented the charge sheet of this case in the court, there was no mention of narco test in it, whereas many big names were mentioned in this test. For this reason, after the change of power in the state, the government had sought permission from the court to re-investigate the matter.

Bhupesh Baghel had made public the CD of narco test

In the year 2013, State Congress President Bhupesh Baghel made public the narco test CD of the then manager of the bank. In the CD, the manager had claimed to distribute one crore rupees each to Dr. Raman Singh, Amar Agarwal, Brijmohan Agarwal, Rajesh Moonat and Ramvichar Netam. After this revelation, Baghel demanded the resignation of the entire Council of Ministers, including the Chief Minister, taking moral responsibility.

On the other hand, at that time the government’s spokesperson Brijmohan Agarwal had said that this CD has not been presented as evidence in the court, as contradictions were found in the statements during the investigation, while the Congress leader told in the press conference that the bank manager Seeing the CD of Umesh Sinha, it was clear that he had distributed Rs 1 crore each to four cabinet ministers including the Chief Minister on the orders of bank’s chairman Rita Tiwari. Not only this, one crore rupees was also given to the late DGP OP Rathore. The manager himself did not take even a single rupee. After the matter was opened, the chairman Rita Tiwari had gone abroad in a hurry.

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