CG BREAKING: 14 dead bodies lay on the ground due to electrocution, the area was shaken by the accident, police engaged in investigation…

Jagdalpur. Due to the negligence of CSEB, a big accident has happened. 14 cattle have died due to electrocution in Ashna village adjacent to Jagdalpur. After the incident, there has been a stir among the cattle owners. As soon as the information about the case was received, the police reached the spot and got involved in the investigation.

According to the electricity department, the electric poles were bent due to the storm and the wire was hanging 1 feet above the ground. Due to which the electricity department had disconnected the connection in this line. The electric pole slowly bent downwards, due to which the pole collided with the electric wires going to the rural areas. Due to which current came in the closed line inclined to the ground and 14 cattle died due to coming in the grip of this wire.

As soon as the information about the accident came, the officials of Kotwali police and CSEB department reached the spot and are investigating the case. And the electricity department is preparing the case. After completing the case after the PM, compensation will be given to the cattle owners by the department.

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