CG BREAKING: 3-day ultimatum to contract workers, direct action will be taken if they do not join, instructions given for alternative arrangement

Raipur. The government has issued an ultimatum of 3 days to the contract workers. If the contract workers do not return to work within 3 days, then an order has been issued to take action against them directly under ESMA. Along with this, alternative arrangements for contract workers have also been talked about. Whose order has been issued by the General Administration Department.

Let us inform that, recently, while giving a gift to the contract employees, the Chief Minister had announced a tremendous increase in their salary. The government has increased the pay scale of contract employees by 27%. Let us tell you that for a long time the contractual employees of the state were demanding an increase in salary. The government’s decision will benefit more than 37,000 contract workers.

At the same time, the contractual employee had expressed displeasure against the government’s decision to increase the salary. Contract workers say that the government had promised to regularize contract workers in the 2018 election manifesto. Which has not been completed yet. Nor is the government paying attention to our demands. The government is not even talking about our demands.

Contract workers will take out dialogue rally tomorrow
Angry contract employees will appeal to the government to communicate through a dialogue rally on Wednesday due to non-regularization. In the dialogue rally, the employees will kneel down and bow down and appeal to the Chief Minister to fulfill the promise of contract regularization in the public manifesto. The strike of contract employees is already in headlines at the state level for the solidarity, discipline, unique performance and tough struggle of their organization. In these 20 days, he has earned the sympathy of the common people by protesting against the ESMA Act, mass resignation, jail bharo movement in thousands and fasting unto death.

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