CG BREAKING: Electrician dies due to electrocution, accident happened while connecting fuse

Gariaband. Big news has come out from Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh. Here the electrician has died due to electrocution. It is being told that the accident happened when the electrician was connecting the fuse by climbing a pole in Muchbahal village. This accident happened due to lack of coordination. There has been a stir in the electricity department due to this accident. This matter belongs to Devbhog police station area.

According to the information, electrician Gajendra Manjhi had gone to connect the fuse in Moochbahal village. He had climbed the pole after taking a permit from the Devbhog distribution center. Then suddenly there was a current in the bare wires, due to which Gajendra died. It is being told that this accident happened due to lack of coordination. The deceased Gajendra Manjhi was an out source employee of the Electricity Department. On the information of the incident, the Devbhog police has reached the spot and is engaged in the investigation.

This incident has been confirmed by JE Yashwant Dhruv of the Electricity Department. He said that the investigation is on as to what caused the accident.

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