CG BREAKING: Fierce fire broke out in the motorcycle garage, goods worth lakhs were gutted…

Sushil Salam, Kanker. A massive fire broke out in a motorcycle garage in the district. Due to which goods worth lakhs were burnt to ashes. Due to lack of fire brigade, it could not be controlled now. At the same time, the fire is being told as a short circuit.

Let us tell you that goods worth lakhs of rupees got burnt due to fire in the shop of motorcycle mechanic of Bande Nayapara in the district. However, as soon as the incident was known, the people around tried to extinguish the fire but could not control it.

According to the information, 150 liters of oil, spare parts and motorcycle tires were kept in the shop. Due to no means of extinguishing the fire, all the things burning in front of the eyes kept burning.

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