CG BREAKING: Karnataka Police removed sections from the charge sheet filed in the court, the accused may get big relief in the coal transportation case

Raipur. The Karnataka Police has filed a charge sheet against businessman Suryakant Tiwari from Chhattisgarh in the Bangalore court. In the charge sheet filed by the Karnataka Police, sections 120B and 384 of the IPC have been removed, while section 384 was added during the investigation in the FIR lodged by the ED in July 2022 at the Kadugodi White Field Police Station in Bangalore.

In the said criminal case, sections 120B and 384 come under PMLA. On the basis of these sections, in September 2022, ED had registered a case against Suryakant Tiwari and others and later arrests of other people took place.

ED’s action may be weak

It is notable that in the perspective of the Supreme Court, such criminal cases on the basis of which PMLA cases are registered, if the crimes shown in the said case are removed, then there is no justification for the crime of PMLA!! In this perspective, in many cases, the High Courts and the special courts of PMLA have ended the criminal cases registered under PMLA. It is clear from this that the case registered by ED in Chhattisgarh coal transport case can be very weak now!! In the coal transportation case registered by ED, the accused can get a big relief in the arrests made here!!

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