CG BREAKING: Major action in the matter of posting and promotion of teachers, Joint Director and Babu suspended, order issued…

Raipur. Chhattisgarh, teachers in Bilaspur district of, The state government has taken major action on the scam in the posting case. SK Prasad, Joint Director of Bilaspur has been suspended. In this case, Vikas Tiwari, the then Assistant Grade 2 along with Joint Director SK Prasad has been suspended.

Let us tell you that the education department had received a complaint of money transaction in the name of amendment in the promotion and posting order of teachers. In which both the officers were found guilty after the departmental enquiry, on which action has been taken by the School Education Department.

According to the order issued by the Department of School Education, all Joint Directors and District Education Officers were directed to post through open counseling after promotion to the post of Assistant Teacher LB to Head Reader Primary School and Teacher and Teacher to Head Reader East Secondary School. In pursuance of the above instructions, the posting orders were issued by the Divisional Joint Director Education, Bilaspur, while counseling for posting from Assistant Teacher LB to Head Reader Primary School and Teacher and Teacher to Head Reader East Secondary School after promotion.

Even after this counselling, a complaint was received for amendment in the posting order after promotion. In relation to this complaint, according to the information received from the Directorate of Public Instruction, the instruction for posting through counseling was found to be violated while amending the place of posting of 778 teachers.

The involvement of in-charge Divisional Joint Director Education Bilaspur SK Prasad and then Assistant Grade-2 Office Divisional Joint Director Education Bilaspur Vikas Tiwari was found for this action. This act of both of them is a serious misconduct contrary to the Chhattisgarh Civil Service Conduct Rules. Keeping in view the possibility of delinquent public servants affecting the investigation proceedings, the state government has suspended both of them with immediate effect.

See the copy of the order-

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