CG CRIME: Action on poachers, 7 accused arrested with tiger skin, more than 50 poachers arrested under month-long campaign

Gariaband. The campaign launched by the Udanti Sitanadi Sanctuary team against poachers from June 3 got another major success by the end of the month. Deputy Director Varun Jain said that in a joint operation with Indravati Tiger Reserve, 7 accused have been arrested from Bijapur along with tiger skins. The number of accused may increase. Apart from Deputy Director of Indravati Sanctuary Dhammasheel Ganveer, Gariaband Police Captain Amit Tukaram Kamble has made a special contribution in this action.

In the last 20 days, the anti-poaching team of Udanti Sitanadi is continuously taking action along with the team of 3 border districts of Odisha. By sharing the information received from the accused with the top officers, the nodal officers made further strategy. Due to security reasons, the department is not giving details of the action. But where the hunters have been battered by the continuous success, the morale of the team has increased. The department claims that the campaign will continue in the future and they will get success.

The number of tigers is decreasing rapidly in the state

There are three tiger reserves in the state, which are known as Sita River Udanti, Indravati and Achanakmar Tiger Reserves. The area of ​​all these three tiger reserves is more than 5555 square kilometers. There used to be 46 tigers here in the year 2014, but in the census of 2018, the number of tigers reduced to only 19. Even after 2018, the process of getting skins of tigers continued. According to the information, its number has further decreased in the last 5 years.

anti poaching net, net for hunters

In June, more than 50 hunters were caught in the trap of anti-poaching. Under the leadership of Udanti Sita River Sanctuary Varun Jain, the team under the leadership of Gopal Kashyap, the nodal officer of the team, started cracking down on poachers from June 3. By June 30, more than 50 poachers got trapped in the trap of the team. This is the biggest successful operation against poachers in the state.

Action taken so far:

June 3- Arrested 7 accused by taking action on Chhattisgarh-Odisha border. Tiger skin, bear-leopard claw, 4 live peacock babies and a lot of guns were recovered from the poachers.

June 9- A team of 50 people raided the dense forests with the help of CRPF in three villages of Nuwapada forest adjacent to the sanctuary. Apart from the leopard’s skin buried in the ground, the anti-poaching team had done the rescue of 3 live wild boars along with the noose, other charges.

June 10 – 9 poachers caught while hunting pangolin. Meat, remains of many animals including 12 sambar, deer horns were recovered. The action took place in Mainpur area of ​​Gariaband.

June 13- Action was taken against 50 villagers including 36 women on the plan to cut and occupy 486 trees in room number 322, 323 of Singanpur area.

June 14- In Odisha’s Kamaldongri (Mudibeda), 3 poachers were sent to jail after being raided. Weapons including leopard skin, bone, sambhar horn, kotri, mathur par have been recovered from them.

June 16- 7 poachers caught after hunting 8 rare rainbow squirrels.

June 21 – After raiding the house of accused Rati Ram in Pipalkhuta of Devbhog range, the anti-poaching team arrested the accused with 24 wire nooses, besides bear, chital skins, a glutton and sent him to jail.

June 22 – In Mangalpur of Kalahandi, the team along with Odisha Forest Amla arrested 3 accused of making indigenous weapons to hunters, tiger species animal teeth, remains of wild animals and weapon making materials were also seized.

June 24 – One accused of hunting wild animals was arrested from Khaligarh village of Dharamgarh range of Kalahandi, besides 6 pieces of Bharmar, 12 pieces of wild boar jaws, noose and other remains were seized.

June 28 – 3 accused were arrested along with a bike along with 11.5 kg pangolin, which was estimated to be worth 10 lakhs, on the Pakhanjur Kapasi road near Gadchiroli in Maharashtra border.

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