CG CRIME: After killing a young man, his dead body was thrown into the waterfall by filling it in a sack, 6 accused of the same family arrested, know the whole matter…

Ajay Suryavanshi, Jashpur. A heart-wrenching incident had come to the fore in the Gulluphal Churighat waterfall of Sonkyari police station area of ​​the district. In the incident, a young man was killed and thrown into the Chhurighat waterfall by filling it in a plastic sack. In this case, the police arrested the accused within 24 hours and sent them to jail.

According to the information received, the deceased used to threaten to kill the family of Gudal Ram of Ramchandra Ram village, due to which 6 members of the same family killed the young man in anger.

SDOP Sandeep Mittal told that Ramchandra Ram’s missing was registered in Sonkyari police station a month ago. On the instructions of Asp Umesh Kashyap, the police were tracing the missing person. On July 22, the police received information that the dead body of a youth was found in Gullufal Churighat waterfall, after which the police identified the youth as Ramchandra Ram, a missing person.

Sudhwa Ram, resident of Jhargaon, uncle of the deceased Ramchand, had filed a complaint in the police station that my nephew had gone to attend the Dashgatra program in the village itself, after which he did not return. Inquired in the surrounding and relatives but could not be found anywhere. The police took the matter seriously and on the basis of suspicion, after making inquiries in Jhargaon, it was found that there was a dispute in the village during the Dashagatra program itself.

The SDOP said, after taking into custody the suspected accused Basant Ram, Govind Ram, Sanjay Ram, Sastu Ram, Thiman Ram and Gudal Ram from the village themselves, all of them accepted their crime after being strictly interrogated. The accused told that the deceased Ramchandra Ram often used to come under the influence of alcohol and say that Rupanti Bai’s father Gudal Ram had committed suicide a few days ago by hanging himself. I will also kill his younger sister and son-in-law Sanjay. Enraged by this, the father-son, two sons-in-law, uncle and maternal uncle of the same family together killed Ramchandra Ram and threw the dead body in a plastic sack into the Gullufal Churighat waterfall.

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