CG CRIME: Theft of lakhs from an empty house revealed, friend turns out to be a thief

Abhishek Mishra, Dhamtari. Police has revealed the theft of lakhs in the businessman’s house Shiv Chowk. The close friend turned out to be a thief, who has been arrested by the police. The cyber team and Kotwali police have arrested the accused Mohammad Hanif Jagdalpur resident and sent him to jail. The amount along with the stolen jewelery has been recovered from the accused.

Please tell that Mohd. located at Shiv Chowk Dhamtari. In the intervening night of June 11-12, 32 tola gold and silver and seven lakh cash were stolen from Shafi’s deserted house. The thief had committed the crime by breaking the lock of the house. On the report of this case, the police examined several CCTV footage installed at the spot and the square intersection. On the basis of the footage received from the spot, the investigation was being done by going to the nearby border area.

The joint team of Cyber ​​Cell Technical and City Police Station was engaged in locating the accused. During this, the site of the incident was inspected by senior officials. In addition to the nearby border districts of Durg, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Jagdalpur, Kanker, business acquaintance of the applicant was being ascertained in the Bastar area. In the meantime, information was received from the informer that Mohd Jilani’s father Mohd Hanif, the person of the huliya obtained from the CCTV footage, is a resident of Jagdalpur.

On the basis of information verification and technical evidence, after identifying the suspect and taking information about Gujar Basar, the suspect Mohammad Jilani father Mohammad Hanif, age 31, resident of Vrindavan Colony, Santoshi ward no. Confessing on the basis of technical evidence for not giving correct information regarding the incident, told that the applicant Mohd. I am a friend of Shabbir Memon, son of Shafi resident Dhamtari, together we have done business of forest produce, who knew about the family.

Accused Mohd. Hanif told, friend Shabbir was about to go to Nagpur with his family, on the basis of this, he came from Jagdalpur to Dhamtari by car after planning to steal the empty house of the applicant and conducted a recce of Shabbir’s house. Late in the night, he broke the lock of the house with the help of screws and rods and stole the gold and silver jewelery and cash kept in the house and took it with him to Jagdalpur.

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