CG Election 2023: Congress to Release First Candidate List Yesterday

Chhattisgarh’s Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel, who recently returned from Delhi, revealed that the allocation of seats for the first phase of the 2023 Assembly Elections has been finalized. The initial list of candidates is expected to be released on October 15th, with the majority of seats already decided, although discussions continue regarding a few.

The upcoming elections in Chhattisgarh promise increased representation of female candidates, and a clear formula for candidate selection has emerged within the Congress party – those who have a proven track record of winning will be granted tickets.

Baghel’s Response to BJP’s Claims

In response to allegations made by BJP leaders regarding the number of seats they would win in the upcoming elections, Chief Minister Baghel expressed confidence in his party’s prospects. He pointed out that in the previous election, the BJP had contested 90 seats and managed to secure victory in only 15, a stark contrast to their claims of winning over 65. Baghel emphasized that the current statements from the BJP were merely for self-assurance, stating that the Congress party would emerge victorious and its candidates would win.

The President of the Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee, Deepak Baij, confirmed that the list of candidates for the first phase of elections is ready and will be released in two days. Additionally, some candidates for the second phase of elections have been included in the first list.

Political Accusations and Responses

In the midst of the election season, accusations and counter-accusations have become commonplace. Chief Minister Baghel responded to allegations made by BJP leaders, suggesting that they excel in spreading falsehoods. He noted that while they have accused the Congress of a financial scandal involving ₹1,300 crores, it is unfounded, and such an operation would not be feasible without direct access to the financial system.

Moreover, Arun Sawh, the State President of the BJP, posted a tweet with his candidature announcement, which Baghel took as an opportunity to take a jibe at the BJP’s expenses on projects. He urged Sawh to prioritize restarting the train services that have been frequently canceled, causing inconvenience to the common man. Baghel also called for the initiation of airport services in Bilaspur and the proper utilization of the land previously given to the army.

As the political drama unfolds in Chhattisgarh, allegations, claims, and counterclaims have become the norm, setting the stage for a heated and closely-watched election battle in the state.

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