CG Live Accident: Heart-wrenching road accident involving drunk bike riders, you can also watch this video…

Abhishek Mishra, Dhamtari. A painful road accident has happened in the district. This accident happened due to negligence. Two young men were driving a bike after getting drunk. Then the youth lost their control and the bike overturned. Both were seriously injured in this accident. A car driver has captured this accident in his camera. Seeing which your senses will also fly away. The police has started investigation in the matter. This incident is of Kodebod of Birejhar police station.

According to the information, two drunk bike riders were riding the bike at speed. Then the bike was thrown uncontrollably near the Codebod and both were injured. The injured youths were taken to the hospital in Abhanpur. From where the injured have been referred to Mekahara. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot and started investigation.

Sunil Dewangan and Om Nirmalkar were injured in the accident. Both are residents of Raipur. He had gone to his relative’s house in Keregaon, and was returning from there when the incident happened. Both the injured have been referred to Mekahara.

Watch the video of the accident-

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