CG NEWS: 1-day hunger strike of contract workers demanding regularization, health workers kept this demand by applying henna on their hands…

Rohit Kashyap, Mungeli. The contract workers of the district are on an indefinite strike for the last three days demanding regularization. On the first day by tying a black band, on the second day Hanuman Chalisa recitation and Sadbuddhi Yagya and on the third day by burning the effigy of contract practice, then on the fourth day 16 employees are sitting on fast unto death demanding regularization. On the other hand, where the work of government offices has come to a standstill due to the strike of contract workers, on the other hand, health facilities are affected due to the strike of health workers.

In fact, regular and irregular employees of the striking health department are on an indefinite strike in Mungeli district. Striking women health workers demonstrated in a unique way today by applying henna on their hands. In Mehendi, these employees had mentioned many demands including regularization, salary discrepancy, which was the subject of discussion throughout the day.

This is what the contract employees union has to say

District Convener Mungeli Takeshwar Sahu told that, on the fourth day of the indefinite strike, 16 selected revolutionary contract workers have sat on hunger strike on July 6, 2023 for regularization under point number 11 and 30 of the public manifesto, In which the key officials are included. In this sequence, Dr. Akhilesh Banjare and Balendra Mishra said, the manner in which the state government is ignoring the election promises made to the contractual employees. It is taking out regular recruitments and not making any provision for regularization of contract workers in those recruitments, no meeting of the committee constituted for regularization has been held for the last 40 months.

The joint statement of Bina Dhritalhare and Sonali Meshram said that, it is clear in the Congress public announcement that action will be taken to regularize irregular contractual, daily wage workers in vacant posts. No one will be retrenched, but exactly the opposite is happening as announced by the public. Due to direct recruitment, many contract employees will be deprived of regularization and even more out of jobs (retrenchment) situation will be created.

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