CG NEWS: BJP leader narrowly escapes in a road accident, fierce collision between two cars, vehicles blown up

Korba. Late night two cars collided face to face in the district. The accident was so dangerous that both the vehicles were blown away. The air bags opened as soon as both the vehicles collided, due to which the people sitting in the car narrowly survived. One of the vehicles that met with the accident belonged to Kedarnath Agarwal, a senior BJP leader. Everyone else in the car including the leader is safe. Everyone has suffered minor injuries in the accident, the treatment of the injured is going on in the hospital. This accident happened in Darri police station area.

According to the information, near CSEB Colony Junior Club under Darri police station area, there was a face-to-face collision between two cars at around 1:00 pm. After the accident, a car also collided with the divider. The air bags opened as soon as both the vehicles collided, which saved the lives of the occupants of the car. In this accident, the drivers of both the vehicles and BJP leader Kedarnath Agarwal were injured. Whose treatment is going on in the hospital.

It is being told that there was such a fierce collision between the two vehicles that both the vehicles were completely destroyed. As soon as the information about the incident was received, Darri police reached the spot and both the vehicles were taken to Darri police station with the help of a crane.

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