CG NEWS: Children going to school risking their lives, somewhere with the help of bamboo and somewhere holding each other’s hands, crossing the river, see VIDEO…

Sanjeev Sharma, Kondagaon. These days the rivers and streams are in spate due to rain in the area. On the other hand, small children are going to school by crossing the raging river risking their lives. Somewhere with the help of bamboo, somewhere children are being made to cross the river holding each other’s hands. A similar case has come to the fore from Devgaon and Bokrabeda villages in Kondagaon district.

Due to heavy rains, suddenly the river has come in spate. The children are going to their school by crossing the river on this way. When it rained, they had to go to school from their house on the other side of the river due to the river getting filled, but due to the incomplete construction of the bridge over the river, efforts have been made to get the children to cross the river.

Putting their lives at risk, children are being made to cross the river. Long bamboos were taken to cross the river and with the help of the same bamboo the children were brought to the other end of the river. Some children were also kept in the lap. The river was made to cross with each other’s hands.


In the second picture those who are crossing the river are also of school going children, who are trying to cross the river to go to school, but there is a lot of risk in their efforts, but there is no one to stop them. The negligence of the administration is clearly visible here. Due to this a big accident can happen.


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