CG NEWS: Collision between school bus and trailer, many children injured

Dulendra Patel, Tamnar. School bus and trailer collided face to face at 2.30 pm today near Kanchanpur gate of Gharghoda. More than half a dozen school children have been injured in this accident. At the same time, the bus driver was trapped in the cabin of the bus after the incident, which was somehow pulled out by the police who reached the spot and took the driver along with the injured children to the hospital.

The collision was so tremendous that both the vehicles were badly damaged. During this incident, many school children were traveling in the bus. As soon as the information about the accident was received, the police team reached the spot and got involved in the investigation.

SDOP Deepak Mishra, who reached the spot, told that there was a fierce collision between the trailer and the school bus. First of all, the injured children and the bus driver have been taken to the hospital for treatment. After the collision, the leg of the driver of the school bus got stuck in the cabin, which was pulled out with great difficulty. Presently the police is investigating the matter.

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