CG NEWS: Contract workers sitting on fast unto death, give up food and water to demand regularization

Raipur. Contractual Employees across the state, They are continuously demonstrating for the demand of regularization. But their regularization, But the government has not taken any decision. On the day of Hareli Tihar, the employees carried out Jail Bharo agitation by riding a cart. After that a large number of agitators have sat on fast unto death.

Contract employees across the state have been agitating since last July 3 for the demand of regularization from Tuta Maidan located in Nava Raipur. On the other hand, from today, the contract workers have sat on a continuous fast, giving up food and water. Contract employees say that they will convey the demand for regularization to the government in a Gandhian way. In a do or die situation, the contract workers will carry forward this movement without taking food and water. Thousands of contractual employees are encouraging the employees sitting on hunger strike by being present at the Gharna site.

Let us tell you that the monsoon session of the assembly started on Tuesday. During this also, the contract workers marched towards the Vidhan Sabha demanding regularization. The government had imposed ESMA regarding the agitating contract health workers, but it did not have much effect on them. Contract health workers burnt the order of ESMA and also resigned en masse. At present, the demonstration of contract employees is going on continuously in the state.

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