CG News: Don’t make such a mistake… The young man was crossing the overflowing Shivnath river, washed away along with the bike, see VIDEO…

Manendra Patel, Durg. The rivers and streams are in spate due to continuous rains in the state. Due to which it has become difficult to move from one place to another through the river. The Meteorological Department has also issued a yellow alert regarding the rain. Amidst the alert, people have been banned from going to the banks of the river. But still some people are putting their lives at risk by crossing the Aniket of the river. The latest case of accident has come to light from Durg district. Here the young man was crossing the overflowing Shivnath river by bike, but both the young man and his bike were swept away in the river.

According to the information, this incident happened in Surjidih village of Durg district. It can be seen in the video that the Shivnath river is in full spate. Meanwhile, a young man is trying to cross the bridge with a bike in the swollen river and he has reached half way with his bike. But the flow of water was so strong that the young man became uncontrolled and stood in the middle of the river. Within no time, after some time, his balance deteriorated and the young man along with the bike was swept away in the strong current. However, the young man knew how to swim, so he swam a little distance and swam out of the river.

Crossing the bridge risking your life like this in heavy rain is like playing with your life. If the flow of water is fast on the bridge built over the river-drain, then do not cross that bridge.

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