CG NEWS: Due to the corruption of the Sarpanch Secretary and the delay in the investigation, the Panchs got angry, collectively resigned

Arvind Mishra, Balodabazar. In panchayats, the sarpanch is not taking the name of stopping the arbitrariness of the secretary and the corruption being done by him. Panchayat representatives not being able to conduct proper investigation despite complaining to the collector shows the nexus between the officer and the sarpanch secretary. In view of this, ten Panchos have put a question mark on the administrative system of the district by handing over their collective resignations.

10 Panchos of Gram Panchayat Khainda of Balodabazar District Panchayat area have handed over collective resignation after reaching the collector’s office due to arbitrariness of village sarpanch secretary, delay in complaint investigation and administrative negligence. Due to which a question mark has been raised on the smooth implementation of Panchayati Raj in this village of the district.

Pancho of Gram Panchayat Khainda told that there is no meeting in Gram Panchayat. The development work has come to a standstill. Sarpanch secretary is doing arbitrary. Corruption is rampant. Complaints have been applied to Janpad Panchayat, District Panchayat and Collector. But the action is zero. Whereas when the officers come, the secretaries disappear. Due to which he has submitted his resignation to the collector. This incident has raised a question mark on the Panchayati Raj system being implemented smoothly by the central and state governments. At the same time, a question mark is also being raised on the fair administrative system of the district. At the same time, it has also come to know that the secretary posted here is the one by whom the sarpanch had warned of self-immolation due to non-completion of works in village Ahilda and the lock hanging in the panchayat for 6 months. Then the administration reached there and got the lock opened.

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