CG NEWS: Elephants badly trampled the shepherd, MLA kept searching the dead body in the forest all night, watch VIDEO

Sudeep Upadhyay, Balrampur. On Thursday, a group of elephants brutally crushed a shepherd in the forest of village Kanakpur under Ramanujganj forest area. Due to which the shepherd died. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the forest department team and regional MLA Brihaspati Singh along with a large number of nearby villagers reached the spot with JCB. The forest staff and the MLA searched the dead body throughout the night. But they could not get success due to rain and darkness. The body of the shepherd was recovered in the morning. After which the body was brought to the hospital for postmortem.

According to information, Shepherd Parmeshwar Yadav, resident of village Mahavirganj, Kanakpur, had gone to goat grazing in the forest of Rampur on Thursday. But he did not return till late evening. During this it also started raining. Only then a group of elephants surrounded Parmeshwar Yadav and killed him mercilessly. Injury marks are also visible on the feet of the deceased. The situation of conflict between humans and wildlife continuously persists in this area.

For the past few days, a large herd of elephants is roaming under Ramanujganj Forest Range. This team is roaming in the forests around Kanakpur Rampur. A herd of elephants was also seen on the side of Ramanujganj Vadrafnagar main road on Thursday evening.

Watch the video-

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