CG NEWS: Innocent fell on the tracks after colliding with the train, the train passed over, but…

CG TRAIN ACCIDENT NEWS: Pushpendra Singh, Dantewada. Jako rakhe saiya, maar sake na koi, this proverb was seen today in Dantewada district, where a six-year-old girl was lying on the track after colliding with a goods train and the train ran over her body. It is a good thing that nothing happened to the girl. This incident is of Dabpal village.

According to the information received, the girl Rehmati collided with the goods train while playing on the railway track. Due to this, the girl was lying unconscious in the middle of the track due to injury on her forehead. The entire freight train passed over the girl’s body. It is a matter of honor that nothing happened to the girl.

After the train passed, the shepherds saw the innocent and with the help of 108 ambulance took the girl to the district hospital.

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