CG NEWS: Negligence in work, two panchayat secretaries sacked

Jitendra Sinha, Fingeshwar. Dismissal action has been taken against two gram panchayat secretaries of District Panchayat Fingeshwar area. Due to negligence, continuous absence and indifference in official work, District Panchayat CEO has taken action to sack Ganesh Ram Verma, Secretary of Gram Panchayat Sirrikhurd and Laluram Verma, Panchayat Secretary posted in Sonesilli.

District Panchayat’s Chief Executive Officer Rita Yadav said, both the panchayat secretaries of Fingeshwar district area were continuously absent from their work area. Due to negligence in official work, along with suspension action, two annual increments were withheld from cumulative charges. After informing the higher officials about this, a show cause notice was also issued to them.

The CEO said, due to non-improvement in the working style of the employees despite the notice and disobeying the government orders, the District Panchayat CEO has taken action to dismiss the secretaries of both the panchayats on the recommendation of Chief Executive Officer of Fingeshwar District Panchayat Ajay Patel. Key’s.

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