CG NEWS: Packaging of food items in the newspaper is dangerous for the people, action will be taken if the food business does not follow…

Satyapal Singh Rajput, Raipur. The Food and Drug Administration Department of the state government has appealed not to use newspaper for packaging food items. In view of the presence of many hazardous chemicals and dyes in the ink used in newspaper printing, the department has urged food traders and people not to use printed papers in food parcels. It is harmful to human health. Even after repeated persuasion, if any food business does not follow it, then a complaint can be made in the Food and Drug Administration Department.

Officials of the Food and Drug Administration Department said that newspapers are an important source of information in daily life. Because of the minimal cost, newsprint used for printing is often used to transport food. Food is usually wrapped in newspaper to bring food parcels, which is mostly used for street food. Vendors often use newsprint and paper used for printing to pack food and common people even at home to remove excess oil from deep fried food. Which is very harmful from the point of view of health.

Why is it dangerous?

Food packaging is essential to protect food from contamination by environmental conditions. But using newspaper leads to transfer of ink to the food which affects the quality and safety of the food. It is harmful to human health. The ink used in newspaper printing contains harmful chemicals like di isobutyl phthalide, diene isobutylate and many harmful dyes, which mix with oil and enter our body through food. Due to this, there is a possibility of many diseases in our body like digestive disorders, toxicity, various types of cancer, failure of vital organs and weakening of the immune system.

complain like this

The Food and Drug Administration Department has appealed to the people and food businessmen not to use newsprint used for printing for taking and giving food items from food stalls. If a food trader does this, then inform him about its side effects. Tell about the harm caused by this and advise not to do so. If someone does not agree even after repeated persuasion, then the Office of the Controller, Food and Drug Administration Block-1, 4th Floor, Indravati Bhawan, Atal Nagar Nava Raipur, telephone number 0771-2235226, fax number 2511988 and email ID [email protected] Notify on.

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