CG NEWS: Son-daughter-in-law attacked mother-in-law with a knife due to family dispute, injured woman reached the police station with family members, fierce ruckus, VIDEO VIRAL

Manoj Yadav, Korba. The case of Kalyugi’s son has come to the fore in Deepak police station. Where the son-daughter-in-law attacked the mother-in-law with a knife due to a family dispute. After which the woman and her relatives who came to complain created ruckus for hours in Deepka police station. The injured woman and her relatives have accused the Deepka police station of not registering an FIR. Meanwhile, during the uproar, the woman fainted inside the police station.

After the uproar, the police made the injured woman visit. The video of this whole ruckus is going viral on social media. At present, Deepka police has started action taking into consideration the applications of both the parties.

Watch the video-

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