CG NEWS: Students prayed for all religions to pay tribute to the dead children, teachers paid tribute with moist eyes, 3 children died due to falling in the well

Tukeshwar Lodhi, Arang. Three innocent children of the same family were killed in a heart-wrenching incident in Charoda village on Sunday. There is mourning in the village due to this incident. At the same time, teachers and children together organized an all-religion prayer to pay tribute to the three dead children in Naveen Primary School and Government Pre-School Charoda located in the campus. In which all the children participated enthusiastically. On the other hand, teachers and children offered floral tributes to the dead children with moist eyes and paid tribute by observing silence.

During this, the teachers asked the children to be careful while coming and going on the roads and to learn a lesson from this incident. Today all the children of the school looked very scared and nervous. All the teachers reached the house of the relatives of the dead children and consoled them. Please tell that among the dead children, Keshar Sahu was studying in Class III, Hullas Sahu in Class I and Preyas Sahu in another school in KGTU.

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