CG NEWS: The director of the National Park was enjoying abroad without being told, the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests made the fun gritty, issued a notice and sought answers…

Ashutosh Tiwari, Jagdalpur. The Forest Department has issued a notice to Dhamsheel Ganveer, director of Kanger Valley National Park. A total of 13 points have been mentioned in this notice, in which reply has been sought on going abroad without informing the department. It has also been said to answer for construction works without permission in the Kanger Valley National Park area. Issuing this notice on June 11, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests has sought answers on 13 points.

Actually, Additional PCCF Wildlife Kaushalendra Kumar has issued a notice to Kanger Valley National Park Director Dhamsheel Ganveer for all these allegations. Not only this, Kaushalesh Kumar has also instructed Dhamsheel to stop many works being done in the park area. Kaushalendra Kumar was on migration to Bastar on 10th June. During this, when he inspected the Kanger Ghati National Park, he got agitated after seeing the irregularities spread in the park area. When he took information from the director, he came to know that Dhamsheel Ganveer is on a foreign trip. It came to light that PCCF wildlife was not informed about this. Angry Kaushalendra Kumar has issued a show cause notice to Dhamsheel, director of Kanger Valley National Park, seeking clarification on all 13 points within a week.

Objection has also been raised in the case of keeping Chital and Nilgai together in the Chital Building Center built on the way to Kutumsar. It has been said in the notice that for this, permission has to be obtained from the Central Government under the Wildlife Act. There is dirty water in the pond for the wild animals to drink, this is also not proper.

Apart from this, questioning the collection of vehicle fee at Rs 50 at Tirathgarh Naka, said that 6 workers have been appointed from the department for cleaning there. In such a situation, the recovery of Rs 50 from the vehicles is wrong. Instructions have been given to take action under the Wildlife Protection Act against the illegal recovery being done by the persons present in the barrier. Describing the construction of stop dam worth Rs 70 lakh as wrong, a staff dam under construction is being built in Room No. 163 on the way to Tirathgarh, which costs Rs 70 lakh, this work is also being done by a contractor. He said that this is an evergreen river, so this construction should not be done here. In the same serial number 164 also, he has raised questions on the justification of construction of tourist cottage. Apart from this, answers have been sought from Dhamsheel Ganveer, director of Kanger Valley National Park, on many other points as well.

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