CG NEWS: The loving couple committed suicide by hanging themselves from the fan, know what is the whole matter…

Sandeep Thakur, Lormi. A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore today in a village under Lalpur police station area of ​​Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh, where a lover couple, angry over not getting married, ended their life together by hanging themselves on the same ceiling fan.

In fact, Dhaneshwari Dhruv, a resident of Bijrakapa Kala of Lalpur police station area, wanted to marry her lover, Dukalu Dhivar, a resident of Bilaspur, soon after seven rounds with the consent of the family. According to the information, after a long love affair, both wanted to get married. Regarding this, the young man and the young man tried several times in their house, but the family members did not agree to the marriage of the loving couple, due to which the angry lover and the beloved gave their lives by hanging themselves.

Regarding the incident, Lalpur police station in-charge Vijendra Singh told that the deceased girl used to live with her parents in the capital Raipur. She had come to her village a few days back to live with her old grandmother. During this, the lover of the said girl also came to the village. However, according to the information, the young man, a resident of Saida, Bilaspur, pressurized his father in his house for marriage, then citing social customs, he said that if you want to marry, then as a punishment for marrying a girl from another society. There is a provision for punishment. Under this some money has to be paid.

The elderly father of the young man said that we do not have enough money to get you married in the society. In such a situation, after living outside after getting married, when there is money, then to come into the society, you can join the society by adding some money. Although according to the information received so far, the loving couple had wished to marry their family members, but due to lack of consent for their marriage, both of them embraced death by hanging themselves on the ceiling fan. In this case, the police told that further action will be taken after the investigation of the case.

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