CG NEWS: The school was closed overnight, the future of hundreds of children is in danger, citing the rules given by the officials of the education department, the problem of the parents has increased

Hakimuddin Nasir, Mahasamund. People consider the center of education (school) as the temple of education, but if this center of education becomes the center of business, then the dream of financially weak parents to teach their children in a good school is broken. Yes, one such case has come to the fore from Mahasamund district. Where Dream India School taught for a few years by taking admission of children under Right to Education (RTE) and this year all of a sudden the school management changed the name of the school and asked the parents to collect the fees, then the parents faced difficulties. . Where the parents are now pleading with the District Education Officer. At the same time, the top officials of the education department are citing the rules.

Message sent to parents after changing the name of the school

Dream India School has been running for seven-eight years at Mahasamund district headquarters. In which admission of hundreds of children has also been done under the ambitious scheme of the government, Right to Education. For the session 2023-24, the school management sent a message to the parents’ mobiles. It was written in the message that the name of Dream India School has been changed to Curo School. The school building, principal and staff are the same. The date of opening of school will be informed through message. Contact the school for more information.

After the message, when the parents of the children studying under RTE went to know the school, they were told by the school management that Dream India School has been closed. Your children will be able to study for free in this new institution only for one year. Next you people will have to deposit the fees. Hearing this, the parents got angry and are pleading to the education department. Parents say that the school management has cheated us. They are saying that the school will be closed without any information, while in the message it was said that the name of the school will be changed. We earn daily, eat daily, so how will we be able to deposit such a huge fee.

School management giving roundabout answer

According to the rules, three months before the closure of the school, the school management has to inform the education department and all the documents have to be submitted to the education department. Which was not done by Dream India School Management. Similarly, permission has to be taken from the education department before opening a new school, but no permission was taken by the Curo school management and admission was started by installing a board. When the media questioned the Curo school management in this context, they were seen giving evasive answers.

In this whole matter, District Education Officer Meeta Mukherjee went to the school and removed the board of Curo School and all the documents of Dream India School have been seized. But they don’t even have the answer of what will happen to the children’s future.

It may be noted that the licenses are being given to private schools at wholesale rates from the Education Department. But the education department is unable to control the school. This is the reason why once the school named Dolphin cheated the parents and now Dream India cheated the parents. What will happen to Curo School, only the future will be able to tell. At present, both the school management and the education department are unable to give proper answers to these parents.

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