CG NEWS: The school was locked on the very first day, teachers and children were sitting outside, know what is the whole matter…

Rajkumar Dubey, Bhanupratappur / Kanker. The school was locked on the very first day of the session. Today, a person spoiled the first day of the first session by locking the high school located in Damkasa of Durgukondal development block. Tell that in the year 1984, teacher Raghunath Dugga had donated 5 acres of land for the school located in village Damkasa. Today this high school building is built on this land only.

Self. Raghunath Dugga had donated land for this school while he was a teacher. After his death, his son Santosh Duga has been continuously demanding from the government that this school should be named after his self. To be done in the name of the father. For this, a demand was also made after meeting Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel who reached Durgkondal in the meeting program. Still the school has not been named till date. Angered by this, Santosh Dugga locked the entrance of the school and the doors of all the classrooms.

On the first day of school, the teachers arrived today, but due to the lockdown, they remained sitting outside the school premises. The students also went back upset. A girl Pooja Nag had come, who had to take her TC and today was the last date for her admission. She was also upset because the school was locked. However, no one’s side from the government has come forward in this matter yet.

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