CG NEWS: The young man was made half-dead by beating with a stick, even after the information, the keepers of the law did not reach on time…

Surendra Jain, Dharsiwan. Even after knowing about the incident, the policemen are not understanding the need to reach the spot. We are saying this because, in village Sankra (Bhumiya) under Newra police station, a miscreant beat a young man with a stick to such an extent that he was lying on the road. But even after hours of information, the police department did not think it right to reach any responsible person on time. After this incident, it is bound to raise questions on the functioning of the police.

At the same time, on the condition of anonymity, the eyewitness of the incident has told that, a young man brutally beat the victim with a stick.

According to the information, the whole matter pertains to village Sankra (Bhumia) under Newra police station. Where Jogo Satnami was beaten half dead with a stick by another person near the underbridge around 7 pm. At the same time, even after giving information about the whole matter on the helpline number 112, the police did not reach the spot for hours. Due to which the injured youth was lying bleeding in the middle of the road.

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