CG News: With the help of Ayushman card and the MLA, the doctor did the uterus operation, Lalluram’s team reached the hospital, and the patients admitted with Ayushman card were also found after being shot.

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. The government has removed the package of uterus operation from the Ayushman card. But by showing in the second package, the case of the patient’s operation has come to the fore. This matter came to light when the hospital itself published news related to it in a newspaper, after which a doctor from the area informed about the whole matter. This whole matter is related to Shubha Hospital of Saraipali.

In fact, last days a patient’s uterus was operated in this hospital. According to the doctor of the hospital, the MLA of the area, Kismat Lal Nand, helped financially in getting the patient operated. But this help has now become a problem for the hospital. The hospital management has also blocked the patient’s Ayushman card.

In this regard, as soon as the team of talked to the director of the hospital, Dr. Bhageshwar Patel, he also accepted that the MLA provided financial help for the operation and other treatment was done through Ayushman card.

But when we asked about it in detail, the doctor said, I am in operation right now, I am sending you a number… You talk to him. The team suspected a cover-up in the whole matter from the doctor’s conversation. The team immediately left Raipur for Saraipali and reached the hospital where the patient was told to be operated.

After going there, we came to know that there are two hospitals with the above name. The team also came to know that in the new hospital building where the patient was told to operate with the Ayushman card, the doctor does not have the permission to treat the patient with the Ayushman card.

While this information was received from the hospital that 7-8 patients have been discharged a while ago and 4-5 patients are still admitted in the hospital. The surprising thing was that two patients admitted in the hospital were found who were admitted, but they were complaining of pain in hands and feet. Apart from this, he also told that he is getting medicines all the three times in the hospital.

Now it is a matter of investigation for the health department whether the patients who have been admitted were in need of admission or not. At the same time, it is also a matter of great negligence for the department that in the new building where treatment with Ayushman card is not allowed, how the cards are being blocked and treated there.

Dr. Bhageshwar Patel was called again to know his side in this regard, but he did not answer the call. However, any patient undergoing treatment with Ayushman card denied that extra money was taken.

These patients got admitted in the new building of the hospital, listen what problems they are telling

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