CG NEWS: Youth died during treatment in hospital, angry people created ruckus by assaulting CMHO, CMHO wrote a letter to the collector

Dinesh Dwivedi, Manendragarh. district A young man injured in a road accident died during treatment. After which the relatives of the deceased, along with hundreds of their companions, created a ruckus by first reaching the hospital and then the Kotwali police station. Along with this, the angry people also had a scuffle with the CMHO. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Additional SP Nimesh Baraiya along with the police force reached the police station premises. Here the relatives of the deceased gathered in front of the police station till late night demanding the resignation of District Medical Officer Dr. Suresh Tiwari and demanding action against him.

Youth dies during treatment, angry people scuffle with CMHO

A youth named Narayan Patwar, living in Mauhar Para area of ​​Manendragarh city, was seriously injured in a road accident on Friday afternoon. The injured youth was taken to the hospital by his relatives around 4 pm. The medical staff present here gave him first aid, but the family kept calling CMHO Dr. Suresh Tiwari repeatedly, but he did not turn up to see the patient even once. Meanwhile, the injured Narayan Pawar died in the hospital. As soon as the news of the death of the youth was received, the relatives of the deceased started creating ruckus in the hospital. Meanwhile, seeing CMHO Dr. Suresh Tiwari in the hospital, the relatives of the patient started running to kill him, then somehow Dr. Tiwari reached Kotwali and saved his life.

As soon as Dr. Suresh Tiwari reached Kotwali, a large number of patient’s relatives along with the people around started gathering in Kotwali and all the doctors started pressing for taking legal action while demanding the resignation of Suresh Tiwari. Here the relatives of the patient were creating ruckus in the police station.

On the other hand, when the news of this came to the staff of the hospital, the entire staff left the hospital and ran out. Due to which the patients admitted in the hospital kept getting upset. The relatives of the deceased kept gathering in the police station till late night. The relatives of the deceased were very angry during this period. He says that Dr. Suresh Tiwari’s full attention remains in his own private hospital, which is why patients coming to the hospital do not get better treatment.

CMHO wrote a letter to the collector

CMHO Dr. Suresh Tiwari has written a letter to the collector after the incident of fight with CMHO in the hospital. In the letter, he has mentioned that I am ready to resign from the post of CMHO. If the relatives of the deceased want and negligence is being displayed on my part, then I should be suspended. In-charge Additional Collector Abhilasha Paikra, who reached the investigation, has informed the media about this.

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