‘Chandrakar can see the stars in the day’: CM Baghel’s scathing attack on Chandrakar’s statement, surrounded in the Priyadarshini bank case as well, said – he wants those people to go to jail soon…

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has retaliated on former minister Ajay Chandrakar’s statement showing stars during the day. CM Baghel said, he could not show for five years, what will he do now. They can see the stars in the day. Even after being such a senior MLA, he has not been given any responsibility. They keep on twitter-twitter. He has no work left.

In the Priyadarshini Bank scam case, former minister Ajay Chandrakar issued a statement saying that if you have the courage, take action. CM Baghel has given a befitting reply to his statement. CM Baghel said, Ajay Chandrakar wants those people to go to jail soon.
Legal action will be taken. What is the point of showing strength in this. Jogi ji had also said like this, arrest me and show me.
Ajay Chandrakar’s name is not there, whatever name comes in the investigation, action will be taken. our police is currently checking the file
The money of the poor has sunk. The BJP government remained at that time, but neither got the investigation done nor returned the investor’s money.
The robbers are roaming freely.

Further, on the Congress’s Booth Chalo campaign, CM Baghel said, the booth is most important. Elections are fought through this only. All senior Congress leaders have joined the Booth Chalo campaign. It has started from Bastar. Many programs are happening in other places.

On the statement that Hindus are in danger due to the film being made in OTT of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, CM Bhupesh Baghel said, Hindu was never in danger. His position is in danger. Whenever elections come, they feel Hindu is in danger. India never ceased to exist. The Hindu was never in danger. How will be in danger today. They want to do with themselves by showing fear. What has he done in the interest of Hindus.

On Union Minister Giriraj Singh’s statement regarding conversion while staying in Chhattisgarh, CM Baghel said, he does not have a plan. They have this government for 10 years. What did he do to take Hindus forward? It was only told that conversion is happening, love jihad is happening. Hindus did not get anything, they got power.

On former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh’s statement that the country got its second freedom by fighting with the Congress, Chief Minister Baghel said, yes the country was a slave before it became independent in 2014. He is teaching such children. This is what the children are writing in the examination. Get zero number.

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