Charu Asopa To Raise A Daughter As A Single Parent How Challenging The Actress Said Sometimes Got Frustrated | How challenging is it for Charu Asopa to raise a daughter as a single parent? actress quote

Charu Asopa On Single Parent: Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen, who were in limelight last year due to rift in their marriage, were legally divorced on June 8 this year. The ex-couple are quite cordial with each other even after divorce and are often spotted outing with daughter Gianna. On the other hand, Charu Asopa, who is single-handedly taking care of her daughter Ziyana, in a recent interview talked about her daughter’s upbringing and how she is learning every day.

What did Charu Asopa say on handling her daughter alone?
In an interview to ETimes, single mother Charu Asopa said, “Sometimes it is tiring and depressing but then you have to manage things. Two days back, she was not eating and I shouted at her so she I started staring and started crying. I felt very bad. I started crying too and as a mother sometimes it becomes difficult how to handle things. We both are learning with each other.”

Experimenting with daughter Ziana’s food Charu is doing
From experimenting with Ziyana’s food to managing her day-to-day activities, Charu is learning every day. She says, “I am learning something new every day. Be it related to his food or anything else. I am experimenting with his food. We try to adjust and grow with each other. are.

As far as lack of support is concerned, I don’t think all children are the same. It is not necessary that one child has grown up to be the same as the other… As motherhood is different for everyone, every child has its own childhood journey. I don’t think there is such an ideal book that you can do parenting by reading. You have to learn things.

How difficult was it for Charu to find a home after separating from Rajeev?
Charu also told how difficult it was to find a house when she decided to live separately with her daughter. The actress said, “When I was single, I didn’t have to struggle much to search for a house, but with Gianna, it was difficult. Looking at the house everyday with my daughter and then there were days when everything was finalized. But something happened at the last minute and I didn’t get a house. I am a single mother and above all an actress so people don’t easily give their house for rent. It was clearly visible on her face.

Also, taking Gianna with us to find a home was very challenging as she used to get hungry then we used to stop the car and feed her. A lot of things were happening and sometimes I used to get frustrated but I had no option.” But then I had no choice.”

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