Charu Asopa Went To Work Leaving Behind Her Daughter Gets Emotional Had To Seek Help From Rajeev Sen

Charu Asopa New Vlog: Actresses Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got divorced some time ago. However, after the divorce, both were spotted together several times. Because of which he also had to face trolling. Now Charu has shared a video, in which Charu told that he had to request Rajeev.

In the vlog shared by Charu Asopa, she seems to be a bit emotional. Actually, when Charu had left home for the shoot of her new show, she was missing her daughter Gianna a lot.

She told in the vlog, ‘I am going for the shoot of my new show today. This is my first day. I am excited and also nervous at the same time. All the feelings are together. Earlier when I used to go to work, I used to be very happy. Now there is a mixed feeling because I am leaving Gianna. Because I do not understand how I will live without Gianna. I miss her a lot. I always keep thinking about her. I keep watching his videos and photos. During this, Charu becomes emotional. Tears spill from his eyes.

Charu further says, ‘I have requested Rajeev to go and see Gianna today. Today I am not taking Gianna. Because I do not know what arrangements are going to happen there. It is the first day, so first I go and see some arrangements, then from tomorrow I will take Gianna. Because the people of the production house have said that the room will have to be shared, if the budget is less then a separate room will not be available. Well, I need a separate room for Gianna. Mill’s heart is pounding. Hope everything will be fine. Please tell that in the absence of Charu, Rajeev takes care of Gianna.

After this, the actress tells about her new show and role. She is playing the negative lead in the show. She has also revealed her look, in which she is seen wearing a saree. She has taken so little loud makeup according to her role.

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