Chhattisgarh: By spending crores of rupees on the health department, the game of passing and failing the claims of the hospital is happening… the responsible and doctors will lose their senses

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. Pass and fail claims of private hospitals in State Nodal Agency to do The game is on. is continuously exposing this whole game. In this episode, today is going to make a big disclosure, knowing which even the responsible people will be shocked.

Today we are going to tell each and every link of how this game is played to the doctors of IMA, private hospital and health department. Let us tell you that including the total budget of the central government and Chhattisgarh government, it approves a budget of about 1400 crore rupees, which helps people of every category to get complete treatment of the eligible person through Ayushman card and Dr. Khub Chand Baghel Health Scheme. had told in its previous series of news that there are some hospitals in the state whose claims worth crores are being passed continuously without getting stuck in any audit, while there are a large number of hospitals whose claims are getting rejected in the audit.

In order to understand this game, Lalluram’s team was constantly trying to see how the games are played in the hospitals whose claims are being passed and those whose cases are to be rejected? has got solid information that this whole game is being played in a planned manner and many responsible of the State Nodal Agency are involved in it.

The whole game is done by the ID of ACO has come to know from the sources that this whole game is done with the ID of the account officer who has no right to pass or fail the claim. Because they are non-medico and till a few months ago, the ACO’s ID has never had that power which has been given to them by the current senior hospital consultant.

In this, the ID of an ACO is such that claims of all the hospitals are being passed in large numbers. It is a matter of investigation for the Health Department that suddenly such a situation has come that by creating different IDs of the Accounts Officer, the claims of their favorite hospitals are being passed continuously.

While the health department pays huge payments to 2 different TPAs ​​for the work of passing and rejecting the files from the hospitals.

In whose name are IDs and which IDs have what power?

Now the question is, which people have the ID of ACO and by whom the maximum number of games are done by which ID? According to the information that Lalluram has received, there are some IDs other than Sumit, Hardik, Lalwani and Ratnesh. Out of this, one of the above four IDs is used to play and to protect oneself.
It is a matter of investigation for the State Nodal Agency that the claims of which hospitals have been passed the most and with which ID that claim has been passed.

we will investigate has shared very serious and confidential information with the State Nodal Agency. I assure you that I will conduct a detailed investigation whether any of these IDs are being used to pass or fail the claim.

State Nodal Officer, GJ Rao

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