Chhattisgarh government’s new initiative to promote tourism: Registration of caravan started in Transport Department, know how much will be able to register?

Raipur. To promote tourism industry in Chhattisgarh, tax rate has been fixed for separate registration of motor caravans with the aim of encouraging caravans. Under this, a tax of 10 percent of the cost of the vehicle will have to be paid for the registration of the caravan vehicle.

It is noteworthy that according to the intention of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in the state, under the guidance of Transport Minister Mohammad Akbar, new steps are being taken by the Transport Department keeping public convenience in mind. In this episode, the state government is planning to promote ‘Caravan Tourism’ on rivers, mountain ranges, hill stations, forests and heritage sites. The concept of caravan tourism has gained immense popularity across the world. Under this policy, recreational vehicles, tourist vans or motor homes will be permitted in places where permanent construction is prohibited and where hotels and resorts are rare.

Its objective is to provide safe travel and encourage tour operators. This will allow tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and other attractions of the state and will also generate local employment opportunities in the tourism sector.

What is a motor caravan?

Caravan is a type of passenger vehicle. Which is used for a specific purpose. There is arrangement for sitting and sleeping in this vehicle. Along with this, there is also a table and kitchen, many vehicles also have a bathroom. In a way, a motor caravan is like a mobile hotel or home.

To make a caravan vehicle, you can buy a vehicle or just a chassis and get it made from a registered body builder into a caravan vehicle. Or you can modify any old vehicle and make it a caravan vehicle. But to make a caravan, the old vehicle should not be more than three years old.

This tourist circuit also promotes family-oriented tourism in destinations that do not have adequate hotel accommodation. Motor caravans can be used for travel, leisure and accommodation purposes. Motor caravans are also widely used for adventure tourism. Chhattisgarh has vast land area and landscape, which will add a new aspect to motor caravan tourism.

Presently the demand for eco, wildlife, pilgrimage tourism etc. is increasing. This includes going and living in remote areas, forests and rivers. There is already a shortage of accommodation at tourist destinations, especially in remote areas and in some places where permanent construction may be neither acceptable nor possible. In such a scenario, Caravan Tourism can effectively meet the growing demand, while ensuring as well as adhering to quality, standards and safety norms. There is no doubt that Caravan Tourism will attract a wide range of market segments including youth, families, senior citizens and international tourists.

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