Chhattisgarh News: Son, daughter-in-law and son-in-law tortured mother to death

Hello Sushil. The mother who gave birth was tortured to death by a Kalyugi son along with his wife and brother-in-law. The mother suspected that her daughter gives her the money she earned. This whole incident is of Kanker.

An incident embarrassing the relationship has come to light in Kanker district where son, daughter-in-law and son-in-law strangled their own mother to death. Where the son-daughter-in-law were angry with their mother’s talk, the son-in-law suspected that the wife gives the money earned to her mother-in-law, after which they conspired and executed the murder in a planned manner.

The whole matter is of PV 67 under Pakhanjur police station. The husband reported the murder that happened a day before to the Pakhanjur police. The police was investigating the matter after registering the crime. Only then came to know that the family members were behind the murder.

Kanker DSP Anurag Jha said that on the basis of information received from the local informer and the help of Dog Scott in the murder case a day ago, the murderer of the deceased Rekha Majumdar was her real son Viplav Majumdar, daughter-in-law Mrs. Papia Majumdar, son-in-law Anoop. It turned out to be Das alias Boppy.

Mother was tortured to death…

Police said that during interrogation of the accused son-in-law, it came to light that son-in-law Anoop Das suspected that his wife was giving her earned money to her mother-in-law, Rekha Majumdar. Due to which he was angry, the son and daughter-in-law of the deceased were troubled by their mother’s talk-talking and restrictions, due to which all three on the night of 14th July plannedly placed the deceased on the verandah and kept the sleeping Rekha Majumdar in the bed with a torch. He made fatal attacks near the ear and cheek with the iron part.

Not only this, all three together strangulated the deceased with the same pallu of her sari, due to which she died. After this, the accused threw the dead body, torch, slippers in the body of his house to hide it. In the case, daughter-in-law Papia Majumdar, son Viplav Majumdar and son-in-law Bapi alias Anoop Das, all the accused have been arrested by the police.

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