Chief Minister Baghel surrounded the BJP on the allegation of conversion, said – elections have come, so the issue should remain, no one is with them…

Neha Kesarwani, Raipur. Elections have come, so conversion is being made an issue. He doesn’t have any issues. Neither farmers, nor tribals, nor laborers, nor women youth are with them, no one is with them. They wanted to contest the elections on the basis of ED, but even ED was not successful, so the old pages have started turning. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said this regarding the meeting of Vishwa Hindu Parishad on the issue of conversion.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that in 2006 the law on religious conversion was brought in Raman Singh’s government, why he could not implement it till 2018. More churches were built during his reign. Whatever complaint we received, we investigated and took action. On the other hand, on the BJP’s allegation of continuous loan taken by the government, Chief Minister Baghel said that he has a habit of lying. Take out the financial position of Chhattisgarh and take out the financial position of Government of India, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. With what mouth do they talk of order,
The Government of India is not giving our share of money.

Better financial condition of Chhattisgarh

Chief Minister Baghel told with this that today there was a program of financial service officers. The department is doing good work, our financial condition is better than many other states. The financial condition of Chhattisgarh and the financial condition of UP, MP along with the central government should be compared, the financial condition of our state is better than other states. We have not taken a loan even once in this financial year. Madhya Pradesh took loan twice. The central government should return the amount of the state’s share.

BJP people are the biggest dramatists

When BJP leader and Union Minister Anurag Thakur termed the meeting of opposition parties in Patna as a drama, CM Baghel said that all parties have their own existence. Different decisions are taken at different times. Anurag Thakur should tell this that he also had an alliance with these parties. If this is drama, then the people of BJP are the biggest dramatists.

Broke without asking the people of Jammu and Kashmir

On Amit Shah’s statement in Jammu, Bhupesh Baghel said that who will give account of the incidents happening now. You broke that state without asking the people of that state, it was your dictatorship. When the Home Minister accused 3 families of murder, he said that he was happy to form the government with him, then he was not avoiding him, today he is not with him, so he is facing problems.

tribals living peacefully

On the other hand, on BJP’s allegations of target killing in Bastar, the Chief Minister said what was the situation in Bastar 5 years ago, and what is the situation today. The people of Bastar were living in terror, the government used to file fake cases against tribals, used to do fake encounters. There is no class that has not been oppressed. Today the tribals are living peacefully, the work of development is reaching its end, the light of education is reaching its end.

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