Children became collectors with children: watched Spiderman Movie, fed ice cream, taught patriotic lessons, VIDEO went viral

Hemant Sharma, Indore. Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is also known as a city where thousands of hands go forward to help the needy and to bring happiness on their faces. One such sight was seen here. Where the collector’s different style came to the fore. Recently, Indore Collector Ilaiah Raja T spent such time with the children living in slums that the glow of happiness was clearly visible on the faces of every child.

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In fact, Indore Collector Ilaiah Raja T first had a lot of fun with the children of the slums. Then along with showing him the Spider-Man movie, he was also fed popcorn and ice cream. He won his heart by talking a lot about patriotism with him. The NGO did different activities for 1000 children of Indore. During this, the NGO had also invited Indore Collector Ilaiyaraaja, in which he took time out from his busy schedule to reach among the children and interacted with the children, along with this he also organized a Spider. Watched Man Movie with the children for some time.

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During this, around 500 children watched a movie with the collector and tasted ice cream with popcorn. The collector himself was no less happy on this. He said that only small happiness takes a big form. The way these institutions have given you this happiness today, you too should one day return happiness to the country by becoming a good citizen. Every child is the future of the country and we have to cherish every child.

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