Children of Bastar will participate in India Hip Hop Dance Championship, grand finale will be held in Mumbai.

Sanjeev Sharma, Kondagaon. In India Hip Hop Dance Championship Season 12, the children of Studio 27 Kondagaon have been selected for the semi-final round by giving video auditions. This will be followed by the Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship, Season 12 Grand Finale from 26 to 30 December 2023 in Mumbai. The winners will get a chance to represent India at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships USA Phoenix, AZ. Apart from poor tribal children, a large number of children are learning dance and dance at Studio 27 in Kondagaon.

The selection did not happen in the first attempt: – Jyoti Ghosh told that when we first came to know that India Hip Hop Dance Championship is to be held in Mumbai. So we prepared and sent the video after making a video of 7 children, then they got rejected in India Hip Hop Dance, they said that the quality of the video is not good, the dance steps are also not equal. That’s why you cannot be selected. Then it was told by us that we are from Bastar of Chhattisgarh, so we should be given a second chance. After which he said to make the video again and send it to us. Then again after preparing well by us, our India has reached the semi-final round of Hip Hop Dance Championship.

He will go to Mumbai: – Eleven people from the district will go to the grand finale in Mumbai. In which Jyoti Ghosh, Kamesh Das, Sontu Nayak, Rahul Manik, Rahul Raj will go with the children from Studio 27. Apart from Vanshikha Arora, Michelle, Gunjan Devika, Khwais Chakraborty, Nimisha Banerjee, her mentors Kamesh Das and Sontu Nayak will also participate in the audition.

Jyoti Ghosh Director Studio 27 :- Told that we have started Studio 27 to teach dance for economically weak people. Currently teaching 30 children. Kamesh Das and Jyoti Ghosh did the choreography. Because of which now the children of the district will hoist the flag of Bastar in Mumbai. And the operator Studio 27 told that when we will go to Mumbai from 26 to 30 December, which will cost about 2 lakh rupees, we are teaching dance to poor children, children cannot pay so much money. The cost of their dress, and stay, food will come a lot. For that we will need money.

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